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As an Italy-based design brand for females, IDPAN has both European artistic features and contemporary design styles.

IDPAN has been designing costumes with the ways for designing architectures, unifying costumes and architectures. Nurtured by abundant arts and humanities, IDPAN has been creating fashion symbols with architectural art based on the idea of harmonious coexistence of human, fashion, and the environment. The exterior and interior limits are destroyed with 3D cutting, layered perspectives, and harmonious outlines, making physical boundaries extend. For IDPAN, the Renaissance is an art enlightenment and spiritual movement. The inherent relation between IDPAN and human is established on the basis of people-oriented aesthetics.

IDPAN designs are concise, but not simple. With the pursuit for comfort and artistic features, it can display individual, concise, vintage, and artistic fashions with the balance among fluent geometric lines, asymmetric 3D cutting, and deliberate detail design. The design methods integrating abundant architectural pattern layers and classic art with historic features have made fascinating artworks for the wardrobes of contemporary females.


IDPAN用思考建筑的方式,思考服装,实现了服装与建筑的默契统一。在万物相融的世界里,在艺术与人文精神的滋养下, IDPAN秉承人、时装、环境协调共存的理念,以建筑艺术构筑时尚语言。立体裁剪的空间感,层次构建的透视感,轮廓和谐的线条感相互交织,打破外在与内在的界限,让身体的边界得以延伸。对于IDPAN而言,文艺复兴是艺术启蒙、精神引领。以人为本的美学修养,构建了IDPAN时装与人的内在联系。



Italy women garment Versatile Creative Director

Antonio Romano /Francesco Alagna

In 2010, Antonio Romano and Francesco Alagna gave life to a project with a strong and distinctive identity.

A new brand whose reach was immediately recognized as international,thanks to its ability to grasp the most innovative trends in terms of aesthetics and taste and the eclectic stimuli from urban cultures.

This is how “COMEFORBREAKFAST”- a line for men and women with a very precise poetics-came to life. The minimal design goes very well with well-defined silhouettes and ultra-modern takes on personal couture fundamentals . The street-wear backdrop balances out the sporty casual atmosphere with a meticulous definition of every single item, which result into unprecedented and very modern elegance. The careful selection of fabrics and the independent development of silkscreen prints give the knitwear items a distinctive trait. From coats to dresses, from leather jackets to accessories, this research spirit is embodied by the exclusive details and the flawless model structure.

These are the distinctive traits of a cosmopolitan approach to fashion, a style landmark resting on versatile combinations and perfect fits, thus drawing unconventional scenarios that transcend fleeting vagues.

意大利女装成衣 全才创意总监

安东尼奥•R / 弗朗斯思科•A

在2010年,Antonio Romano 和Francesco Alagna为一个项目带出强烈和独特个性的生活一个新品牌立即被国际认可,由于他们能够从城市文化中抓准美学和品位并能把握最创新的趋势。




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